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NeonxAesthetics Halsband- Halsumfang 34cm-38cm

NeonxAesthetics Halsband- Halsumfang 34cm-38cm

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Ein traumhaft schönes Set gefertigt aus Paracord.

Das Halsband ist ca. 3 cm Breit.  

- Größenverstellbares Halsband (Doppelstegschnalle mit Biothane)

Es handelt sich um einen Sofortkauf.


PPM rope is a flexible and thinly braided polypropylene rope


Scissor carabiner

  • Silver and rose gold made of zinc
  • Breaking load: 150kg
  • Solid brass gold
  • Breaking load: 150kg

O and D rings

  • Silver and rose gold made of stainless steel
  • Gold from brass


Acrylic beads


Manufacturing and delivery times

Since the work is all done individually, it also requires time.

Current delivery times - subject to change (e.g. due to public holidays)

5-6 weeks depending on the order situation

If the order volume is high, delivery delays are possible.

Only insured shipping with DHL.

More information can be found here

Care instructions

Wash mine max. 30 degrees (please not too often)

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