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Tick ​​collar

Tick ​​collar

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This tick collar consists of braided paracord tape and integrated EM ceramic pipes. The closure consists of a cord lock, can easily be pulled open, slipped over the dog's head and the closure can be closed again.

Since this is an individually, handmade collar, it is made to fit your dog's neck circumference. Please measure it Your dog's neck circumference and enter this in the appropriate field. Please measure that too Your dog's head circumference and enter it in the field provided.

Why you should use an EM ceramic collar as tick protection?

Chemical agents can have a negative effect on the dog's blood and skin and can therefore also promote other diseases. Natural tick protection without chemicals is trendy and is better for your four-legged friend and for you as the owner.

EM ceramic tick collars work completely without additives or chemical processes. EM ceramic creates a tick-hostile environment on the dog's fur.

What does EM mean for a ceramic collar?

EM stands for effective microorganisms. EM ceramic beads consist of clay (ceramic) into which the effective microorganisms (EM) are baked in the absence of air (anaerobic). Of the microorganisms contained in EM, some have the ability to withstand temperatures of over 1000°C.

EM stands for effective microorganisms.

How long does an EM ceramic collar last?

The effect of the EM ceramic collar for dogs wears off approx. 4 weeks after. But it doesn't have to be thrown away, wash it once and let it dry in the sun, then the collar is ready to use again.

How do I activate this? EM ceramic collar?

Place the collar in the sun or window sill and let it dry slowly. Spray your EM collar with water every 3-5 days to keep it active. Otherwise, activate it again.

Does the EM ceramic collar work 100%?

The effect of EM ceramic collars is controversial among dog owners. Proponents report a reduction or absence of ticks on their dogs and even say they have observed a decrease in hair loss and mite infestation. In their opinion, it is a real alternative to chemical tick prophylaxis. Since it has no side effects, every dog ​​owner should try this alternative to chemical agents.

In addition, you can use other natural products such as coconut oil and black cumin oil with the collar.


PPM rope is a flexible and thinly braided polypropylene rope


Scissor carabiner

  • Silver and rose gold made of zinc
  • Breaking load: 150kg
  • Solid brass gold
  • Breaking load: 150kg

O and D rings

  • Silver and rose gold made of stainless steel
  • Gold from brass


Acrylic beads


Manufacturing and delivery times

Since the work is all done individually, it also requires time.

Current delivery times - subject to change (e.g. due to public holidays)

5-6 weeks depending on the order situation

If the order volume is high, delivery delays are possible.

Only insured shipping with DHL.

More information can be found here

Care instructions

Wash mine max. 30 degrees (please not too often)

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